Individually, we practice artist-driven and audience-conscious dramaturgy on high-quality work that exists in conversation with the world.

Collectively, we are building a brand of rigorous, collaborative, and affordable dramaturgy that artists can trust.


There are many excellent dramaturgs out there—so why use us?

Our identities are transparent
Most of the work that dramaturgs do is intangible. At Beehive, what we have to recommend us is the sum of all the colleagues who work with and trust us. We are accountable to them, and to our fellow collective members. It's important to us that you know who we are. (Read more about our individual members here).

Our offerings are flexible
We are each multi-disciplinary in our dramaturgical focus: new and classic works; plays, musicals, devised work, and solo shows; movement- and text-based performance; plays for young audiences; production dramaturgy; and literary management. That said, our strengths are complementary and our collective offers you a range of choices. You'll get a skilled dramaturg no matter which of us you choose.

We're doing it differently
With a passion for our craft and a belief that we can make dramaturgy more accessible for more artists, Beehive is innovating how dramaturgs work, creating a better environment for artistic collaboration.


• Making art is an inherently engaged act of cultural and/or political significance. Building meaningful, provocative conversations within the work and around it is essential.

• As long as the right collaborator is involved, the added expertise of a dramaturg aids in supporting the generative artists' vision.

• Bringing a dramaturg into a process is an act of trust; we believe it's important to select collaborators carefully to make sure you're comfortable before beginning work.

• It's never a dramaturg's place to tell someone how to make their play. We are always advocates for the writer/generative artist, their process, and their work.